Sunday, March 10, 2013

Another Baptism!

The McDonalds here isnt very good and super expensive. I dont really want to try out the burger king.

 BAPTISM of Cintya! First baptism in this area in over a year!
Hey hey hey!

This week flew by really fast, its kinda hard to remember stuff that happened. Things have been going well in the offices and I have been able to get a lot of stuff done and I havent made any mistakes yet so that makes me happy. We also had a great success in the area this week! Cintya was baptized on Wednesday! Her brother actually got home on Monday so he wasnt a missionary anymore when he baptized her (which doesnt really matter because its the same preisthood), but it was still really special. I even played the piano for the hymns! I bought a cheap kids keyboard and I am trying to learn to read music better to the point where I would be able to sight read hymns so I can play in sacrament meeting in wards where no one can play the piano. I havent played piano in a church meeting since I was like 12 so I kinda felt cool doing it again.

On Thursday we did divisions and I went to another area with an Elder named Elder Calderón. He is from Peru and is pretty cool. I like doing divisions to get to know other elders and also meet and teach their investigators. I feel like a lot of times that I do divisions that I was meant to do it that day with that missionary because you have a very different perspective of the people than the missionaries that usually visit them (becasue you dont really know them very well) and there have been times where I say something that really helps them out because my perspective is different. I dont know if that makes any sense.

I got a letter from Bishop Salmon and I really enjoyed it. He mentioned that someone named Alec Wight is serving a mission from our ward but I dont recognize his name. Who is he? I also got a letter from Aunt Mary and Uncle Danny and I really enjoyed hearing from them.

This week I discovered a delicious way to make eggs. You blend up a tomato, some spicy peppers, and a little garlic, cook some scrambled some eggs, and then pour in the mixture into the frying pan until most of the liquid has evaporated. It is really good with cheese, sour cream, salsa, and salt.

Later today, Aleisa (the girl I taught in my last area who was supposed to get baptized my last day there but couldnt becasue her little brother got really sick) is finally getting baptized today! She is getting baptized at 4 so I am going to go with my companion and be there for her baptisimal service.

Thanks for sending me the posts, it helps me to feel a little more motivated to know that people back home havent forgotten about me.

That is exciting that Colin is going to take his drivers test soon! I barely failed the written test my first time becasue I didnt bother to study about the driving with alchohol laws becasue I dont drink and it ended up asking me alot about that. I bet the house feels pretty empty with everyone off at college. How is kaitlyn doing at BYU?

I hope ya´all have a great week!  Oh and thanks a ton for the EFY discs, they are SO awesome and I love having new music finally. I was getting real sick of tab choir...

¡Tenga un buen día!
con amor,

Elder Johns

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