Sunday, March 10, 2013

Elder Stockard leaves the office

Elder Stockard left the offices! We opened our calls the same night in neighboring buildings and then we met 30 minutes after I opened mine.

¡Feliz marzo!

Pues, no he escrito nada a ustedes en español, entonces hoy voy a tomar la oprtunidad de hablarles un poquito en español. Vamos a ver si entienden jaja...
El último Domingo fue bueno, encontramos un hermano menos activo y enseñamos a su familia. Él tiene 3 hijos que no son miembros. Su esposa no es miembro tampoco. Les enseñamos y quieren escucharnos más. Son muy buenos pero sólo tienen tiempo libre los Domingos. Ellos han escuchado a muchos misioneros antes pero no han hecho los compromisos, pero yo y mi compañero somos los mejores entonces vamos a ver que podemos hacer.

¡Noticias tristes! Elder Stockard, mi amigo que conocí en BYU que ha estado conmigo aquí en la oficicna como asistente, fue cambiado. Le extraño mucho, pero el nuevo asistente, Elder Agren, es muy bueno también. Ok I am going to have a little mercy and talk in English now. I checked the google translate and its mostly correct. But yeah I miss Elder Stockard who is also from my generation but Elder Agren is really cool too.

We went to the doctor on tuesday morning becasue my companion has a wierd bump thing on top of his wrist. Hermana Jordan went with us but it turned out that the person we saw was not a specialist in the correct area to do anything. However, she was a skin specialist so she was able to check out my feet for me. I dont know if I told you guys but I have had foot fungus since July. well, I THOUGHT that I had foot fungus.... turns out that it was an allergic reaction to the croc sandals that I have been using. The combination of sweating, heat, and physical contact with the top part of the sandals was casuing an allergic reaction and so thats why my skin was all wierd and why none of the stinking foot fungus creams would do anything. I just need to stop using those sandals and it will go away. Thank goodness, I was really getting fed up with it.

We had a really good lesson with Estela and we talked about baptism. She has the desire to get baptized eventually, but she has made up her mind that she is going to get back surgery as soon as possible so she wont be able to get baptized for a while. She deals with a lot of back pain so I understand why she wants to have back surgery, but it seemed like she was using it as a way to have more time before she commits to getting baptized. She is wonderful and has made good progress since we started visiting her but I think it is till hard for her to make the straight up decision becasue she has alot of friends with opposing views of the church.

We havent had the chance to visit Socorro because the father of Hna Tony (THe member that we always teach Socorro with) passed away last weekend and so she had the funeral this week. We visitied Hna Tony and we talked about the plan of salvation a bit and that seemed to help her feel better.

We went to the hospital again to the correct specialist and they determined that it is a cist which is relatively harmless. They did an ultrasound and it was soooo cool. I think I could totally be a doctor someday.

Yeah I heard about the new missions last week, before all you guys haha. President got a list of all the changes that are going to happen in Mexico and he shared it with us. THankfully our mission isnt getting cut. That is so cool that there are two new missions in Washington.

I got a letter from Parker and form Dylan Parry! and last week I go one from James. Its really great to hear about my friends and their adventures and see how simialer their mission experiences are and different at the same time. Thanks for sending me the some blog stuff for Elder Zander. I ll have to shoot him a letter. Yeah I bet Kember is going to be an amazing missionary, shes  just an awesome person in general. Tanner Paxman is getting home soon!!!!!!!!! thats so nuts!!!! Give him a big hug for me when you see him. That is cool that you are painting the house, it will be wierd to come home and all the rooms will be different colors.

Please do something crazy this week so you can tell me about it.

con amor,
Elder Jhons (everyone spells my name like this here)

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