Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year's Eve

Elder Grill, Elder Johns, Elder Parry, and Elder Stockard.
I got the best haircut here and it was free!
Buenos días!

Buen día! This week was pretty great! On new years eve I got the package from Uncle Jeff and Aunt Lisa and it had pizza pringles!!! It also had a bunch of other food that I have really missed and a nice letter, please tell them that I got their package and thanks so much for sending it to me. Also thanks again for the packages that you sent me for christmas, this new belt is excellent and I am really enjoying all the food. I have a drawer stuffed full of food to eat as I work in the office.

We are going to have a baptism next week! Her name is Cintya (pronounced seen-tya). She is basically already an active member of the church because she always goes to church with her parents but she wanted her older brother to baptize her and while she was waiting for him to get back from the mission she turned 9 so it became our responsibilty as the missionaries to teach her. She passed her baptisimal interview on Wednesday and is going to get baptized wensday next week. Her brother is getting back around 4:30 and then we are going to have the baptizm at 6 and then afterwards her brother is going to get released. I have really enjoyed teaching her and I am excited that she is getting baptized next week. It will be the first baptism in about a year in this area.

We have an investigator named Eduardo. His wife is a less active member that goes to church every once in a while but he has a daughter that is pretty active. A lot of missionaries have already taught him and he hasnt really progressed, but we have decided that it is becasue his family doesnt really support him. He seems like a great guy to me but apparently when he was younger he wasnt the best father and so now his family is holding a grudge against him. We taugth the family when he wasnt there and I really hope it helped them to decide to forgive him and support him more in his path to the church. We are going to go visit him tonight.

This week the assistants and President did some training sessions of all the District Leaders and Zone Leaders in the mission. It was pretty cool because E. Griggs and I got to go to one and get trained to be a good leader. It was also really cool because Elder Parry and Elder Grill, two Elders from my generation (entered the MTC the same day as me), were there. Elder Stockard, one of the assistants and also from my generation, was also there so it was like a little family reunion. I hadnt seen Elder Parry for like 10 months. It was really fun to talk about how our missions have been going. I dont know if I already told you guys but Elder Stockard is the guy I met at college who opened his mission call the same day as me 30 minutes before I did in the Hall Lobby just across the street. He also works in the offices as an assistant to the President so I get to see him every day and he is super cool.

On New Years eve we went to a less active members house to eat with him and share a message but we had to be back in our apartment by 8. It was tough to sleep because everyone was setting off fireworks so it was super loud. It has gotten super cold here! it has been raining the past couple days so it has been extra humid and wet and it just keeps getting colder. It probably isnt as cold as back home or in utah or Idaho but it is so humid here that you feel the cold sooooo strongly. I thought my pillow had frozen when I woke up this morning. My comp and I also started running everyday in the morning at the beginning of the week but because of the cold we havent wanted to go for the past couple days.

Thats too bad about what happened to Ryan, but it probably wasnt such a good idea for him to leave the country if he is having health problems with such serious posible reprecussions. I hope he gets better and I will be praying for him. Sounds like you all had a pretty bomb new years eve. That is awesome that Kaitlyn is starting college! I was a little nervous when I started summer semester at BYU but I got used to it and wasnt as nervous afterwards. A year from now I will probably be back there... thats a really wierd thought. Time is literally flying by so so so fast, this past week was literally the blink of an eye. I dont want this last year to go by so fast because finally my spanish is good and I can finally teach well.

I just had a really good idea, do any of my friends have blogs? If you guys could maybe copy and paste some of my friends blogs on a separate email I could print them out and read them later. If I remember correctly, Kember told me that she had started a blog last year, even though she isnt in the mission, and I would love to get something from that too if it were possible for you guys to do that. I would love to hear from Derek, Tanner, Andy, Dylan (in africa), and everyone else. If you could do that then that would be awesome! Also did you guys post something on my facebook to commemorate 1 year in the mission? My mail traffic has been decreasing latley.

I love you guys and I hope all goes well for you all in the coming week. Oh and thanks for the cool photos of the crazy long cake thing they made over in the city of Mexico! Yesterday I got to try some of that type of bread and it was alright. It had little figures in it and the member explained to us that it is supposed to represent when Jesus went to Egypt to hide from Herod because the little figure represents jesus as a child and hiding him in the bread represents him going to egypt to hide.


con amor,

Elder Johns

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