Sunday, March 10, 2013

Yet another Baptism!

I went for a quick dip under the overpass.

Aleisa´s baptism!

We had a pretty bomb week this past week. Aleisa got baptized last Saturday! She got baptized in my last area that is really close so Elder Griggs and I went to be there for the baptism. It was a pretty good baptisimal service and I really really enjoyed getting to see Aleisa, her family, and some of the members that went to the baptism. I really miss working in that area because the members are super awesome in that ward! They were happy to see me and Aleisa´s grandma told me that she is going to make me some food and bring it by the offices someday and I can´t wait because she is literally one of the best cooks in the world (2nd to you Mom).

There were FIFTEEN less active members at church today that we have been visiting! The sacrament meeting room was almost completely full. It is a small room so it wouldnt take that many to fill it but there were like 70 people there when there is usually 50 people. I also had the opportunity to give a talk but I feel like I didnt do a very good job but alot of the members told me that they liked it. That night we got a member family to accompany us to an appointment with some investigators but they investigators werent there. Instead of the members getting discouraged and wanting to go home, they took us in there car to visit a bunch of less active members for the rest of the night! Only 1 of the 4 people we tried visiting was there, but they really enjoyed going out with us and want to keep helping us out.

We have had a hard time getting new investigators, but we have been having alot of success in helping less active members to come back to church and become more active. On Wensday we had a little zone conference with President and he told us that Elder Hoyos (from the seventy) is going to come visit us in February so that is pretty cool.

Ive gotten alot of stuff done in the office. Our mission is in trouble because getting visas to Mexico has been difficult recently just like last year when I had to wait for my visa. We have a ton of people who are waiting for their visas to come here to Mexico but people who are finishing their missions are still leaving so our total number of missionaries is going down. They´ll all get here eventually though and then we´ll have a super big group of reinforcements.

Thanks so much for sending me those blog posts! I really enjoy knowing how people are doing. That is awesome that Kaitlyn is enjoying college so far! I got a Christmas letter from Brother Demeester and he also told me that Talmage was getting married so thats cool. Thats too bad that Abby has been kinda wild these past couple weeks, she can be really hard to handle when she wants to be. I hope Colin enjoys the best of EFY thing, I remember that I really enjoyed those when I went to them and I learned alot from them.

I dont know what more to say so have a great day!

con amor,

Elder Johns

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