Sunday, March 10, 2013

Random House Numbers

Hey family,

Good to hear that Abby is behaving herself, I would probably have a bad attitude if I had cavities as well. That is awesome that Tanner is back from his mission! I bet he had a lot of fun jumping in lake Sammamish with a shirt and tie and I hope he remembered how to swim. I´ll have to do it as well when I get back in December.

I feel a little tired and it is hard for me to concentrate but I´ll try and write a good letter. On Sunday an inactive member showed up and told us that he wants to be active again. We taught him in his house this week and he seems pretty cool. He used to be really active in the church after his baptism, but then he moved to our ward and got married to someone that isnt a member and stopped going. Unfortunately we had to miss our next appointment because we had to help with a training we had on Friday, but we hope to be albe to teach him and his wife together.

We contacted a referral that we recieved from other Elders this week as well, and it was difficult to find the house. We got a young man from the ward to accompany us and we were walking up and down the street looking for the house number, but there was absolutely no pattern to the house numbers, they were all random! Fortunately there was a phone number on the referral card so we were able to call him and ask him what his house looks like. It turned out that he lives right next door to the house of the member that we had accompanying us. The name of the person we found is Pablo Ruis and he is 18. He has been going to church in a different ward because his friends invited him. He also went to a special class with the missionaries during church so he already knows alot about the church. He is really excited to learn more and go to our ward this sunday.

We FINALLY got to teach Socorro after over two weeks of not seeing her. She read in the Book of Mormon, but just barely before we arrived. We talked alot about baptism and committed her to get baptized on the 13th of April. At first she said it was too early and there were to many problems and that she needed to learn alot more, but after we explained that accepting the goal didnt mean that she was ready right now but that it was to help her to prepare she accepted. The problem is that she is used to studying with another religion that wouldnt baptize you until after years of studying. Socorro still hasnt gone to church but we are working on that.

I am getting a little frusterated with the ward leadership because we still aren´t doing ward council meetings which REALLY limits our ability to help the ward grow and for missionary work to flourish. As apart of doing the Work of Salvation program, we have learned about alot of awesome stuff we can do using the ward council to really make the ward explode but the most basic thing we need is ward council meetings. I guess we could just go around and visit each member of the council each week but it is difficult to find time to do it at the times they would all be available because they are all insanely busy and this method would not be as effect as having everyone in the same room at the same time. We´ll find a way to make it happen.

We had a pretty cool leadership training meeting on Friday. plus, Elder Griggs (my last companion) and Elder Girot (my MTC) companion got to sleep in my apartment so I got to catch up with them for a bit which was fun.

In the offices there are usually 6 Elders in total but we have a marriage companionship so they fill up two of the spots (the materials and referal secretaries) and then there is my comp and I and the assistants.

I have to go now but I hope everyone has a fun week. goodbye.

con amor,

Elder Johns

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