Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sick on P-day...

Our leadership meeting that we had last friday

Buenas tardes,

Wow, Colin is getting some hairy legs. It looks like you all had a good time on your trip to Arizona! I remember how tiring the endless days of drizzle in Washington could be and I bet it was good to get a break. I really miss that kind of weather actually. How long has it been since the last time you all went ATVing? The last time I can remember that we did it as a family was on my 13th birthday (I think it was my 13th) and Ryan broke his arm.

I am sick right now and it is kind of a bummer becasue I dont really want to be sick. At least it is P-day today and tomorrow is Sunday so there really isnt too much that we have to do. Its just a cold anyway so I´m not dying. This week was pretty good. We had people stay with us for three nights in a row. it was fun but kinda destroyed my sleep. On Sunday we had a ton of people in church because it was Ward Conference, but not many of the people we have been visiting came. On Monday we went to the hospital to get a cist removed from the wrist of my companion. He had this big bump on the top of his wrist that grew there since July and we found out it was a cist last week. It is a pocket of some body fluid that has built up in the area and isnt very serious except that it really hurts him if he bumps his wrist on something. They stuck a big needle into it to suck out the stuff and then the doctor injected some medicine stuff that is supposed to make it scar on the inside so he wont have a scar on the outside. Now he has to wear a wrist brace thing for a while.

Wensday was cool because we had two Elders that needed to stay the night with us so we split up into groups of two and went to different sides of the area to work so we were able to get more lessons. On Friday my generation and I went to the immigration office which is pretty significant because it means that we have all been here for almost an entire year in Mexico.

I saw a Wii U for the first time on thursday! I didnt even realize that a new Wii came out and it looks pretty cool. It has a screen on the controller. The less active members we were teaching thought that we would be able to use it to watch a church video about families but it wouldnt work but it was cool to see some new technology. I also saw a new mini ipad last week that the relief society President used for scriptures when we visited her. I dont know if its supposed to be a bigger ipod touch or a smaller ipad.

We just had a 70 area pass by the office like 10 minutes ago to talk to President. He was a pretty cool guy, his name is Elder Mendoza. He just came for a suprise visit to see President Jordan.

I got a letter from Andy that he wrote for me a week after he got home. He is awesome, I really miss him. I also got a second letter from Parker and he told me that his ward mission leader has a son in my mission that I know which is kinda cool. I also got a letter from the primary presidency. They sent me a bunch of drawings and letters from the Primary kids from Valentines day. I enjoyed it.

I think I only have another two weeks left until I am going to be done in the offices. I will miss it but I am excited to have a little less hectic schedule/stress.

Kember already left for the MTC right?

I cant think of anything else to say.

Everyone have a good week!

Con amor,

Elder Johns   

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