Saturday, March 23, 2013

Training next Transfer!

Buen día,

Sounds like you guys had a terribly unlucky week with your wallets. One Elder that stayed at our house this week also lost his wallet and we couldnt find it. Thank goodness I dont use a wallet or I would have probably lost it as well. I hope that Abby is ok and that the absence seizure that Abby had isnt a sign of something more serious developing.

We had a pretty good week. It was a little slower as far as visiting lots of people goes, but we had some good lessons. We FINALLY got an appointment with Socorro after not having seen her for over two weeks. She read but she didn´t pray again. She also wont commit to going to church on Sunday because she says that it will cause problems between her and her mother. It is a little frusterating becasue she says that she wants to find out if the church is true but she is not willing to make the sacrifices in order to do so. We are hoping that if she prays about the book of mormon then she will recieve a answer and have more of a desire to make sacrifices in order to come to church.

I think I already told you about how we are teaching Emmanuel, the 9 year old son of a recently activated member. Emmanuel is the coolest 9 year old Ive ever met. He acts more like he is 13 and he is really smart. He always has disliked going to church becasue he doesnt like singing the primary songs in primary, but we gave him a book of mormon in our last appointment and says that he is already on page 40 and that he wants to come to church this Sunday so that is pretty cool.

We saw Pablo again and he said that he hadnt prayed, but he was able to understand what he read in the book of mormon really well. We talked about faith, repentance, and baptism and we committed him to get baptized. He didnt say yes because he says he was already baptized when he was a baby, but he also said he wasnt very sure if his baptism was valid from what he is now learning. He is progressing and went to church last sunday and really liked it. 

We went to have a lesson with a less active family and we were going to talk about the temple and the importance of going to the temple and having a temple recommend. We were going to invite her to talk to the bishop to get one and then go and do vicarious work in the temple BUT she said that she already done talked to the Bishop last Sunday and that she was going to go to the temple that friday. That was kind of cool and we are really excited that she is progressing well and becoming more active.

Guess what! I am going to be training next transfer!!! I think it is for real this time. President had told me two different times earlier in my mission that I was going to train but then I never ended up training. Yesterday we had a training for the people who are going to be training next transfer. It is going to be a big responsibilty training someone, but I am really excited to do it becasue I know that I will learn alot. That means that this next week is offically my last week in the offices as Secretary to the President. Thank goodness because I think it is slowly killing me haha. I am not sure if training will be much of a break, but it will be easier in some ways and more difficult in others. I am going to miss the offices though. President and Hermana Jordan have become my substitute parents and I will miss seeing them so often.

I tried making arroz con leche (rice and milk) but it didnt turn out super good. The rice was still a little hard, but it tasted good. I didnt really have a recipe and just kind threw milk and rice in a pot and boiled it until I thought it was done and threw in alot of suger and some cinnamon.

I would love to get a package! If you can get your hands on an EFY disc for the year 2012 then that would be awesome. I have heard some of the songs on it and it is one of the best. A few AA batteries would also be nice because I am running out for my toothbrush and batteries seem overly expensive here. Whatever else you want to throw in would be awesome as well. I really like chocolate.

Hey I have to go now, I love y´all. Oh and I can call on either Mothers day I think, whatever is best for you guys.

con amor,

Elder Johns

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