Saturday, March 30, 2013

Last Day in the Office!

Carlos Vasquez and Carlos Vasquez Jr. Two of my favorite people I have ever met.

Ward Mission leader named Ladislao and his girlfriend (they are getting married in July)

Nefi and Angel Moroni: two kids in a less active family we have taught alot

Socorro (right), Hna. Toni and her kid Jared.
I don´t know if there are tazos in the states, but they are these little toys that you get when you buy bags of chips or cookies. Ive been collecting them because they are angry birds and I love angry birds. I have like 130 now, and lots of people all over the mission have been giving them to me.


WE PLACED A BAPTISIMAL DATE WITH PABLO! We brought our Ward mission leader and his girlfriend and his girlfriend is a convert and she knew just what to tell Pablo to help him understand the process of conversion. He is excited.

I also started training the new secretary this week. His name is Elder Allen. He is really cool and will do a good job. I have a TON of stuff to teach and show him still so i will probably be here for a while training him because today is my last day to do it.  He is pretty smart though and is picking it up really fast. He is also from my generation (started on the 28th of December) but he was in an advanced Spanish class during the MTC so he left earlier than Me and my companion. He even was at Fall semester at BYU the same time that I was, but he stayed in Heritage Halls so I never got to meet him.

I still dont know where I am going to be sent but I am guessing that it is going to be Victoria. I have always wanted to go to Victoria because the areas over there seem to have a little more success than others. But wherever I go is where the Lord needs me and is where I want to go. I am going to really miss the people in this area, alot. It has been a tough ward to work with but they are great people. I am really really really going to miss the families that we have been teaching. I guess I didnt really tell you guys about everyone that weve been working with but it would be hard to talke about everyone that we interact with but I think I will try to talk more about that in future emails. I kinda realize that I have been talking alot about what goes on in the offices, but now I am not going to be in the offices so ill talk more about the people we are teaching.

I will really miss the offices, it was an awesome expierience that taught me alot and helped me to grow in so many different ways. I am going to miss the excitment and the variety that you find working in the offices, but I am also excited to leave behind the stress and not have everyhting be so crazy and changing all the time. I am a little afraid of adjusting back to working in the field full time, but as soon as I get used to it again it will be great. If I have time on Monday i´ll write a quick email and say where I am going.

I dont use a wallet, but I have a little missionary handbook with a white plastic case that it goes in. I put my identification and money in that. Thats cool that Colin is looking for a job. I really enjoyed my first job at the YMCA, it was perfect except that the chlorine was slowly killing me and turning my hair green.

I almost went to the Bridge of Promise one year to volunteer because Savanah told me about it. I think it would be great for Abby.
Thanks for sending me Kembers blog posts.

I only have less than 9 months left! only 6 changes! I am a little sad that it is going by so fast, just when you finally know waht you are doing as a missionary and truly learn to enjoy it time starts to just shoot by.

My pdays are going to change to Monday. I will be writing each monday instead of saturday because i wont be in the offices anymore.

I love you all, have a goooooood week!

con amor,
Elder Johns

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