Sunday, March 10, 2013

Just Plain Nuts!

 I make reference cards for the zone leaders that has all the names of the missionaries in their zone and the phone numbers for the area. I get to design the backs of the cards. These are the three designs that I have done so far.

¡Buenos nachos! (kinda like buenas noches but it means good nachos. Sometimes I say it to people in the street and they dont even notice)

This week was just plain nuts! Sunday we had a stake conference, but it was a special stake conference broadcast from Salt Lake and Elder Uchtdorf spoke. It was really good. And guess what! I ran into alot of people from my first ward that I served in when I got here to Mexico, including Susana and Karen! If you dont remember, Karen was baptized during my first change, and then later Susana got baptized like 3 months after I left the ward. I really enjoyed getting to see them and talk to them.

Monday was crazy because it was transfer day and we got 3 new missionaries (we were supposed to get a bunch more but they are waiting for their visas still). We got to help train the new missionaries  and do alot of stuff to facilitate transfers by buying and distributing the bus tickets for all the missionaries. Elder Griggs also got transferred so I am going to miss him. It was fun to finally have an american companion and I will miss it. It hurt my spanish because we tlaked so much in english but it was fun.

Tuesday was good because we started to teach the wife of a member of the bishopric. She is really cool and religion is really important to her. She is also going to start to cut our hair for free because she has a hair salon. We also had a good lesson with Socorro and I think that she has good potential to progress.

Wednesday, we got an hermana to go and invite her neighbor to listen to us and she recieved us well. We are still waiting to get a return appointment but she, Key, seems pretty great.

Thursday, I cant really remember,

Friday was a little crazy too. It was a stressful day because I had to find out how to get an Elder home early for health reasons but because of some legal stuff it was difficult to figure out a way for him to leave legally and it got really complicated but thankfully my contact in the local immigration office is really kind and was able to do us some favors. It ate up the majority of my day, and then all of our appointments fell through so that was kind of a bummer. Im not compaining though because we have had a lot more success this week than usual in finding people in there houses.

An Elder who was waiting for his visa just got here last night. His name is Elder Skinner and he was serving in the Las Vegas West Mission for like 3 months before he got here. He told me that he had met Tucker so that was kinda cool.

This was a good week but I am feeling a little burned out just because of all the stuff that we have had to get done, and then we have had to do a lot of work today on our p-day so it hasnt been much of a rest (we didnt really have a p-day last week either). I kinda just want to take a nap haha.

My new companion, Elder Calero, is pretty cool. He is from Nicaragua and he has like 8 months on the mission. He is my first companion that has had less time on the mission than I have had. We get along and we´re pretty good friends. I am still getting to know him because there hasnt been much time to get to know each other really well.

I can tell you that my last transfer ends on the 8th of December (Sunday) which means I will be going home that week. We have been sending them out on the monday or tuesday after usually so that is about when you will be able to expect me. Like I said over the skpye call, the transfer we are in right now is only 3 weeks so that we can synchronize our transfer days with the MTC but also means that our missions are getting cut three weeks.

awww why is Andy going to Hawaii? My companion in Tennesee went there and he said he really enjoyed it, but I would get distracted by the beach too much. Thats awesome that Joav is heading out. He is going to the quebec Canada mission right? Oh thanks for telling me about the packages, that gives me something to look forward to. I´ve almost run out of the food that I got from Christmas packages. I got a christmas letter from the Paxmans, it was good to hear from them. I have realized that sister Paxman is like my second mom. They said Colin stole my suit. Thats cool that kelsey´s boyfriend is going to Mexico, he is going to love it.

Thanks for the letter and the photos. I am feeling really tired so I think we are going to go and take a quick nap after we run some errands to finish some financial stuff for the mission. Until next week!

con sueño,

Elder Johns

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