Sunday, March 10, 2013

It has my name on it

It has my name on it.

¡Buenos días!

Hey! good news! today should be a normal p-day!!!! Wahoo! we need it pretty badly. Thats awesome that Tanner Paxman is already getting back. I remember going over to his house 2 years ago when he was getting packed to go and we talked about what his mission would be like.  I really miss him, when I finally do get to see him it will have been almost 3 years since we last saw each other. That is really exciting that Kember is leaving in just a couple weeks! I am really excited for her. Do you happen to know if she got the letter I sent her a few months ago? She sent me a wonderful letter in July of last year but the reply letter that I sent to her didnt make it I dont think. I sent her another letter in December that she should have gotten by now. 

Last weekend was crazy. I left with my comp and Elder Garcia to buy some stuff that they needed urgently, and then we went to our house for a 10 minute nap. Then we went to a lesson. President and the assistents hadnt finished planning out the changes so we went to the offices afterwards (about 9:30) to wait for them to finish so that we could go and buy the bus tickets. We ended up waiting until almost 2 in the morning, and by the time we figured out the tickets to buy, went to the bus station to buy them, and got home to sleep, it was 3:30ish in the morning! We slept in for a little bit, it was a really good thing that church didnt start until 1pm. THEN we were getting ready for church at 12 when a member of the bishopric calls us and asks us to each give a 10 minute talk. We felt pretty dead but we did well on the talks. I believe that it was my best talk in Spanish yet actually.

Then on Monday was changes. Everything went smoothly but it was still crazy. we usually always do the training in the mission home and we eat some food. This time we ordered subway sandwiches and we had to buy like 36 foot longs to feed all the new missionaries and trainers. Alot of my friends are training so it was good to get to see them all again. then after we got them all out to their areas, we recieved one more american missionary which is always the best because it means that President buys a bunch of delicous taco meat and he invites us to eat wiht the new american missionaries in the mission home for dinner. It was a lot of fun.

Tuesday we had a good lesson wiht Socorro, she actually read the pages that we left for her in the introduction of the book of mormon so that was awesome. We talked about alot about the book of mormon and she is excited to read more of it and pray to know if it is true. It has been a slower week again as far as having lots of lessons goes, but we are going to be switching up the game plan a bit to see if we can get more time teaching in working in a little different way.

Friday was the Concilio (the council) which is the big meeting with all the zone leaders in the mission. Thursday night all the zone leaders form outside of Tampico got here on their buses and we met up at the offices. President bought a ton of Papa Johns pizza and it was delicious!!! It is alot of fun to hang out with the zone leaders. The concilio on friday was cool, it was my first time being able to stay for the whole time. They just talk about how we are going to better the mission and stuff like that and solve problems and make plans. We have one every month on the last friday of the month so that the liders of zona can train their zones in the first week of every month. President took us out to Tarantellas after which is always alot of fun because it is an Italian buffet. I ate waaaaaaay too much lasagna haha.

 I got TWO packages this week! I got one from Beth that had a bunch of delicious candy and I got another one from you guys that had even more candy and PIZZA PRINGLES!!! I laughed alot when I read what mom wrote about how I had the briefcase with the lock that I used to put my halloween candy in when I was a kid and then I would ration it and have candy forever. I have to admit that I havent changed much, I still have some of the candy that I got from my Christmas packages haha. Thank you so much for all of your support and love!

con amor,

Elder Johns

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