Sunday, January 6, 2013

Busy in the Office

All the missionaries that taught Lily. Her boyfriend, Leonardo, baptized her.
This is Aleisa´s family, she is getting baptized on Sunday in my last area.
Merry Christmas! (almost)

Hey! Its been a BUSY week. It is pretty awesome working in the offices but I am literally busy every single minute. I didnt really know what I was doing for the first few days but now I understand a lot better what I am supposed to do and how to do it. The things that I have to do aren´t really complicated or anything but theres just a lot of stuff that I have to do and learning everything all at once was kinda tough. It is kinda fun having my own computer and work space with a color printer and my own cell phone. Sometimes I have to call people in different countries so that is kinda cool.

My companion is the financial secretary and deals with all of the mission funds so he is pretty busy too. Hes American so that is pretty cool. He is from Murray Utah and he has about 3 months more on the mission than me. We get along really well and it feels super wierd to be with an american companion.

We didnt really have the most time to work in our area this week because it is the end of the year so my companion has a ton of things to finish up. The area seems pretty different because the houses are gigantic and there seems to be a lot of money in the area. We are teaching a young girl who is  9 years old who has a baptisimal date for the 9th of January. Her parents are both active, but the reason she didnt get baptised is because she wanted to wait for her brother to get home to baptize her and she turned 9 so it became our responsibilty to teach her. Her brother gets back on the 9th so thats when we are going to have the baptism. Besides that it doesnt seem like there are many people that we are teaching. Tomorrow I will get to meet more of the members and I will know more about what the area is like.

I am excited to skype you guys on Tuesday! I think our plan is to borrow the President´s laptop and use it here in the offices. I´ll be calling you guys sometime between 1:00pm to 2:00pm your time. I might call you guys right before with my phone so that I can tell you that Im getting on (It doesnt cost anything with my cell phone´s plan).

Haha thats awesome that Colin finally went on a date! I remember when I used to babysit Audrey so it is wierd for me to see that she has started to date. I remember when we did all that christmas stuff a year ago, time really flies by when you´re busy. thats awesome that Jose gote baptized, do Colin and him hang out? Sounds like Ryan is pretty serious with this Angela girl.

For Christmas eve we are having a big conference thing with President and I am not really sure what we´ll be doing in that but on Christmas day we are going to get together as a zone and watch Kung Fu Panda (with presidents permission of course) and play games and stuff. I am excited.

I am super tired right now so it is kinda tough to think of things to type so i guess well talk Tuesday!

con amor,

Elder Johns

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