Sunday, January 6, 2013


Mi querido familia,

Hey!!! I just had another crazy week! We went to the offices almost every morning so that I could recieve some training from the current secretary. He is pretty cool, I had met him before and I was in the same zone as him for a bit. He was pretty busy the first couple days so I just kinda watched him do stuff as he tried to explain to me what he was doing until friday and saturday when he finally had some time to really tell me what exactly I am supposed to do and how to do it. My largest responsibilty is taking care of everyone visas and keeping them all legally here in Mexico. Then I have a lot of other stuff I have to do like buy airplane tickets, figure out how many new missionaries we are going to recieve (That will be difficult because there are a lot of visa waiters and the communication between us and them isnt the best), Reserve hotels for the president when he leaves, and just a lot of little things like that, It is a little stressful just becasue I dont really understand how to do everything still, but I am learning. But today is my first day and everything seems to be going by well so far. I am really excited to be working close with the president and assitants and be in the loop of whats going on in the mission. Our apartment is pretty sick as well! I only just barely saw it but it seems really nice. It even has carpet!!!!!!!!!!!

We had an awesome baptism of Hermana Lily yesterday. It went really smoothly and the spirit was strong. She even cried a little bit afterwards as she said the closing prayer. I think it was a good experience for her family because they arent members. My companion and I havent really taught her anything (she is the person who moved to our area and already had a baptisimal date with other missionaries) but we were really excited to see her get baptized. Her boyfriend performed the ordinance. Unfortunately, Aleisa didnt get baptized. On saturday night her little brother got really sick so their family went to the emergency room and they were there for most of the day Sunday so it wasnt the most convenient time for her to get baptized. Her little brother (6 years old) is totally fine now. The Elders that have replaced Elder Monforte and I are going to baptize her next week. I was a little sad, but Ill be able to ask for permission to go to her baptism next week because it isnt too far away.

We had a zone conference On wendsday morning and it was great. I got your christmas package! I decided to wait until christmas to open it so that I have something to open on Christmas morning. Thanks so much for sending me something!  I almost cant wait to open it.

Thats basically everything for this week. Oh and President took us out to eat a couple times while I was working and we went to an awesome italian buffet and I ate lasagna!!!!

Thats funny that angela thinks that rootbeer tastes like medicine because thats what everyone here thinks too haha. I hope Colins leg gets better quick! That is awesome the Joav is serving a mission!!!!!!!! I sent PArker a letter like a week or two ago so he probs didnt get it in time but his family can send it to him when they send him a package or something.

Haha thats strange that both Dad and Ryan have been secretaries. Now I have a lot to live up to haha. I know that I am going to really enjoy it despite the added stress.

I dont have any set details or plans about skype, but we are planning on asking President if we can do it here in the offices. Ill get it all figured out this week and let yall know. I dont really have much time so I didnt write very much this time but Ill write better next time. From now on I will have my P/day on saturday (today isnt really my pday, but I need to write you guys) so you should shoot me an email friday night because I will be writing back on  saturdays fo as long as I am in the offices. 

I love you all and I exhort you to remember Christ our savior during this Christmas season!

con amor,

Elder Johns 

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