Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ten Taco Thanksgiving

294: Good idea.... but it didnt really help 
Elder Monforte lost his shoe in the mud, luckly I was able to retrieve it for him
We helped paint part of a house this morning. I am the tallest so I got to get the high parts.

Hey family!

This week went by pretty fast. I feel like I say that everytime, but it always suprises me at how fast the weeks are starting to go by.  For Thanksgiving, my companion and I met up with 2 other Elders that are also serving in the same ward as us and we ate at a place where the tacos are only 2 pesos! The tacos are pretty small but they are reeeeallly good so I ate 10 of them for my thanksgiving dinner, along with some cheetos.

I got to do an exchange this week with Elder Chambers, but this time I went to the other area. Elder Chambers only has like 4 months in the mission but his Spanish is really good. He is from Colorado and was even at BYU when I was there for Fall Semester. We even know some of the same people. I really enjoyed the exchange with him and working in the other half of our ward (Our ward is split into two areas and he is one of the elders from the other half).

It rained a lot one morning which was just awful because it made everywhere really muddy. We had some appointments set in Chipus that day and so it was doubly awful (chipus is suuuuuper muddy). I thought that I would be clever and tie shopping bags around my shoes to keep them from getting super muddy, and it worked for a bit, until they tore and my shoes got muddy. My companion even lost one of his shoes becasue the mud pulled it off, but I was able to get it out for him. My shoes have been doing really good. When I first got here I felt like I was walking on clouds, but now it feels more normal and they arent as comfortable. But they are still in good shape and I hope will last for another 13 months.

I got a letter from Guadalupe this week. She is doing pretty well but she says that she misses me and that no one gets her a hymn book now. It felt good to hear from her and to know that she is still going to church and that my companion is still passing by to see her.

Our mission president changed one of the rules last night! up to this point we havent been allowed to play any sports competively at all at any time because lots of missionaries were getting injured from sports. BUT President Jordan changed the rule last night to allow us to play sports as long as we only play half court basketball and we dont play soccer. I am pretty happy with this because I miss playing sports alot. Today we did a little mini service project helping someone paint part of their house and then we went to a sports center with a bunch of other elders and we played basketball! It was a ton of fun because I have a good height advantage on the mexicans.

It sounds like you all had a wonderful thanksgiving! that is awesome that Ryan and Kelsey suprised you guys. Kelsey sent me an email and mentioned that they were going to suprise you guys. Wow that is a lot of people to feed! I am sure the food was super good, I hope you saved me a little for when I get back. I miss turkey, its pure chicken here.

I love you all and I hope this week goes well for y´all. If you could, would you please send me the mission address of James Salmon? thanks!

con amor,
Elder Johns

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