Sunday, January 6, 2013

Nuevo Secretario

 Hanging out in my hammock

Buenos Nachos,
¡Feliz Cumpleaños mamá! It sounds like you and dad had a good time celebrating it in Seattle. Seattle is always really beautiful during the Christmas season. You only have one more birthday until I am almost home!
What a crazy half of a week! On Thursday night I started to feel kinda wierd and that usually means that I am going to get sick the next day. On Friday I woke up feeling terrible but I only had a slight fever so we left to work. We did another exchange and I was with Elder Lawrence for the day. We kept working until lik 7:00 but then I started to feel reaaally bad so I checked my temp and it had gone up. I called the mission presidents wife and she advised me that I should take it easy so we went back to the apartment. I felt horrible. I didnt throw up or anything but my body just hurt a ton. Thank goodness mom put some tylenol fever/cold in my med kit because it really helped me feel better.
On Saturday I slept in while my companion went on exchanges in order to do a baptisimal interview for one of our investigators. She passed! I think I already mentioned Lilí to you guys, she has been going to church for a long time with her boyfriend and has been taught everything by tons of missionaries. Then, right before she was going to get baptized, she moved into our area! We havent really taught her much but I am still really excited that she is going to get baptized.
When I felt better, my comp and I left to go and work. Then President Jordan called us and asked us if he could come and work with us. We couldnt really tell him no, so he went with us to two of our appointments with less active members. Afterwards, he drove us back to our apartment and told me that I am going to be his new secretary next transfer!
I was really suprised haha. That means that I am going to be leaving this area in a week so I am a little sad because I really like the members here, but I am really excited to get to work in the offices! If I remember correctly, Ryan also worked in the offices so that is interesting that both of us are going to have done that. From what I know right now, I am going to be incharge of doing stuff like buying plane tickets for missionaries going home, being in charge of doing the visa paper work for everyone, arrange travel plans for Elders during transfer, and stuff like that, I dont really know yet. During this week I am supposed to go on exchanges with the current secretary so that he can train me. I am really excited but a little nervous because it is alot of work. I am going to learn a lot from it. It will be super sweet to be able to be in the office with my own computer, air conditioning, my own cell, and a nice comfy chair.
On Sunday we had the baptisimal interview of Aleisa and she passed! We have been teaching her since I got to this area. It has been a little tough at times because she only is 9 years old, but she really likes church so that is great. Her mother was less active but now she is going again. We are going to have both the baptism of Aleisa and Lilí on Sunday!
I dont feel sick anymore, but I still feel kinda wierd. My stomach hasnt been hurting but it has been feeling a little quesy and I havent been able to eat as much as usual. Hopefully I will be fully recovered soon. I had time to put up a hammock that I bought a few months ago. I just barely remembered that I had it (I havent had a place to be able to put it up until this apartment) but now I just learned that I am leaving this apartment nex transfer so I only get to enjoy it for a week and then I have to take it down again haha. Hopefully I can put it up in my new apartment.
I dont know any more details about the skype dealio but I will figure that out as soon as I can when I get to my next area. OH and this is really important so please remember that I am telling this to you right now: My new P-day will be on Saturdays from now on while I am working in the offices. I am not really sure why their p-day is different, but thats the way it is so youll be getting my emails on saturdays for the next few transfers.
I gotta go now but I love you all and wish you all a wonderful week!
con amor,
Elder Johns

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