Sunday, January 6, 2013

Chipus must be Spanish for Mud!

Elder Lawrence and I on our exchange


 Hey family!

Crazy week but I dont have like any time to write about it! On tuesday we had interviews with President Jordan. He takes a long time to talk with each and every one of us, up to 30minutes for each missionary which really adds up when there are 20 or more missionaries. It was great to talk to him and recieve some guidance in how I can improve and serve better. He told me again that I will probably be training soon so I am going to be doing what I can during this change to prepare myself.

We did an intercambio this week and I got to be with a new Elder that just arrived here in Mexico last week. Hisname is Elder Lawrence and he is pretty great, he reminds me ALOT of how I felt when I first got here. It was also a challenge forme to be without my comp because i still dont know the area super well, but everything went well. I can see now that I really have come pretty far since I first got here to Mexico. I am sooooooo grateful that I am over the language hurdle and I can speak and understand well.

Part of the reason I have 0 time right now to write this letter is because the temple was open this morning because today is a holiday and no one has to work (it is usually closed on mondays) so we took advantage of it and went to the temple. I LOVE the temple! Even in spanish it is awesome and I feel great inside. This time I was able to understand everything in Spanish. We are working a lot with Less active members who have never been to the temple before and now I can testify to them with greater power of the blessings and spirit we recieve by being worthy to enter the temple.

I am very sorry that I dont have time but I like the 12 days of christmas idea, well think of some people that could help and maybe ill present it to the zone as an idea that they can do in their areas. We usually look ofr service because we have nothing to do in the mornings usually but  people always say they are fine even though there is something we can do. maybe we will just stop asking and just do it haha. I love you all and I hope that you all have a wonderful thanksgiving! 

con amor,

Elder Johns

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