Monday, May 6, 2013

Divisions with the twins

Some gentlemen that help us out with the missionary work in our ward. Yes they are twins.
HEY hey HeY
This week went by fast, we are now on week six of the change so I will have about another  7 more weeks with elder martinez. I am afraid that they are going to switch  me though but lets hope they dont because I am loving it here and I  would be quite satisfied with staying here until the end of my mission.
On monday night we took a bus to Tampico, stayed the night, and went to a training for trainers and new missionaries. I enjoyed it and it was fun to get to stay the night with the assistants and see everyone in the meeting. I really enjoyed getting to see alot of other missionaries back when I was secretary and it is something that I have missed.
We havent been doing very good with finding new investigators but  we worked extra hard at it this week and we were able to find 6 and they seem like pretty good investigators.
On saturday we did divisions with the twins in our wardsso that we could teach more lessons and visit more people. we didnt do it for very long but we are planning on doing it for an entire day which would be suuuuuper awesome becasue then we could visit a ton of people.
We found out that Mari isnt married which suprised us alot because she had never said anything. She talked with her husband and she said that he said that it would be fine.
ahhhh the ciber is about to close me out. Iwill call youguys on friday at 8 0 clock your time
goodbye i lvoe you!!!!
Elder Johns 

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