Monday, May 27, 2013

Noche de Barrio

Buen dìa,

Sounds like you had a pretty good vacation and could do some amazing hikes and see some amazing sights. I could use a vacation like that, I am getting pretty worn out down here.

This week I did my first exchange. An exchange is where we change companions for a day and I go to the area of the missionary and we work in their area for the day. I was with Elder Macias. He is pretty knew (is on his third change = less than 6 months) so he is still learning alot about how to teach well. He is mexican and I am pretty sure he is from the city of Chiuahuah. It was fun to get to see their area and get to know Elder Macias better. It was also good for my companion to get the chance to be completely in charge of our area for a day without me there to be able to back him up.

On friday night we had a Noche de Barrio which is when our ward has an activity to meet up at the church and bring food, listen to a message, and then eat food and talk one to another. IT was cool because it was all planned and put together by us, the ward mission leader, and the ward missionaries. We are going to be doing one every two weeks so that less active members and investigators can get to know the members better. IT is hard for them to really get to know the mebmers on sunday because there really isnt time between the classes. It should help us out alot in finding new investigators as well because we encourage the members to bring their friends.

Jorge and Rosario are progressing really well still. They should be getting the divorce paper they have been waiting for for so long and finally be able to get married this week. Their baptisimal date is on teh 15th of June. We are really excited for them and it has been really fun to get to teach them.

We also have another progressing investigator that is doing really well and her name is Nayla. Origionally she lived in another ward so we couldnt teach her but she just recently moved into our ward bounderies so we can teach her. Her story is a little sad because her husband was killed recently and now she is a widow with two twin toddler girls. She has been coming to church alot and she really likes it. We should be setting a baptisimal date with her this week.

Um just whatever you want to send is fine. I like sweets and AA batteries. If you can get your hands on an EFY disc for 2012 I would love love love to have it!

thanks for the great email and for all the support you give me!

con amor,
Elder Johns

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