Monday, May 20, 2013

Mordida, mordida, mordida!

¡Feliz cumpliaños!
Happy birthday Dad, Kaitlyn, and Kelsey! If you were here in Mexico, they would sing a really long dull song that is their equivalent to the happy birthday song and then they would all shout ¡Mordida, mordida, mordida! and then shove your face in the cake. It is a tradition that they always do here to celebrate birthdays. (mordida means bite so they are telling you to take a bite of the cake with just your mouth).
It was a pretty good week, alot of plans still fell through but we still had fairly good success. I got to give the district meeting class on wednesday which was a lot of fun.
On friday night I I and all the other district leaders and zone leaders in Victoria went to Tampico to stay the night because we had a trainning in the morning on Saturday. It is way more humid in Tampico so I am really glad that I am in Victoria. The training was really nice, it was really focused on teaching with the spirit and we learned about alot of things that we need to do before and during the lessons that will invite the spirit to be there with us.
There werent any packages for me so I guess the package you sent me got eaten by the mail man.
Nothing really new has happened, I have to do calls every night to check how my district is doing and so they can tell me that they are safe in their houses. Our district is pretty cool jbut we have alot of new missionaries taht dont have alot of experience. Its only me, my comp, and 4 other missionaries. I think they are going to put another 2 missionaries in my ward though becasue we need to find another apartment in our area.
Thats so awesome that your company is doing so well Dad. I hope you and mom are enjoying your time in Hawaii. Dont forget to put on sunscreen or youll get sunburned.
Nos vemos!
Elder Johns

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