Monday, May 13, 2013

The curse of week 6

I really enjoyed getting to talk with all of you on Friday (Mexican Mothers Day) over skype! I forgot how beautiful my family is. Colin is getting too tall and should slouch a little more so that we can keep things in their proper order of me being the tallest. Thanks for getting everything set up for the call and doing face time with Kaitlyn, Ryan, and Angela so that I could talk to them as well. sorry if I spoke poor english, it is hard to switch right to english after talking in Spanish for so long.
This week was a little slower than normal as far as work goes but that is the curse of week 6, and it was also because everyone was visiting their mothers so we couldnt find them in their homes. We are starting a new change today and I am really excited because it is going to be a really good change. I also get to be the District Leader which is exciting. I havent been a district leader before but I am excited to learn how to do it well and serve my district. I will be in charge of planning and giving teh district meetings according to the needs of my district, all them every night to see how their day went, reporting to the Zone Leaders, and reporting numbers and stuff like that. I am excited!
We didnt see Rosario or Jorge very much this week, but they are progressing well. They should be getting married this week and then baptized on the 25th! They are super excited and I am really happy for them. Before they knew the gospel their relationship wasnt the happiest and they argued alot, but as soon as they started putting in practice the gospel they noticed a huge difference in their quality of life and happiness and so they are really on their way to becoming converted. They are going to be the example to their families and we are hoping that their families will follow their example as well.
This is going to be my second change with Elder MArtinez and it should be my last so I will probably be making him take the lead more to the point where for the last week or two he is taking the lead in everything and I can relax and let him do all the work (haha not really but I am supposed to prepare him so that he is capable of trainning directly after this change but that doesnt mean that he will train but its possible).
We havent had very much success with getting alot of less active members to go to church, it might be time that we make more of an effort to find less active members that are more ready to become active again.
Have fun in Hawaii, I get weather like that every day (except its not as enjoyable walking around in a dress shirt and tie)

con amor,
Elder Johns

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