Monday, April 29, 2013

Two steps forward, one step back

Mi familia amada,

Hey! so I`ve got some news for y`all about getting to call you guys for Mothers Day. Good news: We will get to use skype. Bad news: We have rather limited options about when we can do it. President told us that we can either do it on the 10th (friday) or on Sunday BUT we have to be all done with our calls by 12pm (Tampico time) so that we can head out to work. Pretty lame but at least we get to use skype. So those are the two options that I have and we can find a way to get either to work so just let me know when works best for you guys. It is sounding like Sunday might be a little tough for you guys so I really hope you all can on friday. It is possible that we would need to do it as early as 10ish if my comp has to do it friday as well, but he believes that he will be doing it on sunday. so please let me know after you have figured out what to do.

Its going to be my last call home! That is soooo crazy. Time is literally flying by and I feel a little scared that its all of a sudden just going to end and I will have to wait until all my future children have grown up and moved out so that I can serve a mission with my future wife. I have had dreams before where my mission has ended and I am back home and I always feel really sad.

It was a tougher week this week because we were trying to find new investigators but we havent had much success with that. But somehow we ended up with a fairly big number of lessons with a member presente and the assistants were wanting to know if our ward could support another companionship so I am a little scared that they are going to split our area and we are going to have to share this promised land with others which would be kinda lame becasue then we wouldnt be able to visit the elders in the other part of the area but it would be fun to work close to another companionship-

Training hasnt been very difficult after having been in the offices with my last companion. I had never been so exhausted in all of my life as I was during those few changes because I was getting sick alot and my companion wasnt helping out alot with the responsibiliteis in the area. Elder Martinez is really awesome as well. He is learning everything pretty fast but a lot of everything is still on my shoulders because there is still alot that he hasnt learned yet. I actually have had the problem of not putting enough responsibility on him so that he can learn, but I have made some plans that will help me to put more of the load on him so that he can learn. I really enjoy training him because he is humble, wants to be obedient, and works hard. He speaks English really well but I am helping him to learn it even better. He is also helping me to better my spanish because he tells me when I say stuff incorrectly. I can feel that my English is getting worse because it is harder for me to put sentences together when I am speaking in english. 

Mari, who we have been teaching along with jorge and rosario (she is the hermana of Jorge), didnt go to church last week or this week and it seems like she is slowly backtracking a little which has been a little upsetting o see. we have determined that it is because her husband isnt really excited about her wanting to join the church and he doesnt really support her very much. We taught a very direct and straightforward lesson to all of them about sanctify el dia de reposo and go to church but she didnt go to church so that was a little frusterating. Rosario and jorge are doing really well but they still havent made any solid plans about their marriage but we cant really tell them to just get married already but we will talk a little more about it this week

Vicente made some progress but also backtracked a little bit. At the beginning he told us that he didnt really believe in God but has started to since we`ve started teaching him. We taught them the law of chastity a week ago and she and her less active girlfriend finally split up but it was more of her choice to do it because she wants to prepare to get sealed to her family. They didnt want to get married so splitting up was what they decided to do. The parents of his girlfriend detest him so we cant continue to teach him there, and apparently vicentes mom is mad at his girlfriend and the church becasue they split up so we probs cant teach him there either. He now he is saying that he doesnt believe in God again but he keeps reading, praying, and going to church (even after they  broke up) so there is still hope for him to develop more faith.

ahhh there is never enough time to write but that is what i have for yall this week. Super cool to hear that Anna got a mission call. I heard that Bonnie also got a call to Brasil and on of my friends from college just sent me a letter that said she is in brazil serving a mission. Now kaitlyn and Kelsey..........

Thats cool that you all ran a 5k, I remember running 5k`s when I did cross country. They were pretty tough but I rember that after finishing your body just feels uber awesome.

Have a great week everyone!

con amor,

Elder Johns

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