Monday, June 24, 2013

A New Zone Leader


Wow craziness. I am super happy to hear that everything went smoothly with the wedding and to hear that I have a new sister. I really wish I could have been there but I had some other stuff I had to do. Oh you were listening to my piano music? Have I gotten famous yet?

The baptism for Nayla was great. It wasnt as spiritual we were hoping but she really enjoyed it and is very happy. The reason it wasnt as spiritual  is because the bishop and the ward mission leader changed at the last moment all the plans we had origionally made. It was still very good but I was a little dissapointed to be honest.

oooo Friday was a tough day, it was hard to stay focused and work hard, but having the baptism helped me to keep things together.

The transmission they showed yesterday was phenominal. I thoroughly enjoyed it andam hoping to see the members here more fully step up to the plate. I enjoyed it so much because it taught me that altough there is an end to my mission, there is never an end to the missionary work and I will always, no matter what my calling, be able to share the gospel with those around me, whether they be non member friends, less active members, and even active members.

I also got changed out of my area :( I was really hoping for at least one more change over in teh ward Villas but President never listens to me haha. Now I am in Zona Chairel in an area named Tancol with a companion named Elder Fernandez. He has one more change than I do in the mission so we both know how to get work done. I will also have the opportunity to serve as a zone leader so that will be fun and challenging. I am really excited to be honest and I know that I will learn a lot of stuff.

haha you read my account? I wrote that so long ago haha. I thought about changing it while I was in the offices but I´ll have to update it after the mission. is a super cool website.

thanks a ton for sending the pictures, Ryan and Angela look very happy as well as the rest of you.

I love you all and miss y´all like the dickens!

con amor,

Elder Johns

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