Monday, July 1, 2013

Finally Far Enough Away from the Petroleum Plant


Sounds like you all had a pretty crazy week getting everything ready for the reception on friday. I am glad that it all went well. haha I laughed really hard when I saw the picture of a card board cut out with my face on it! I look quite classy...

This week was kinda tough because I was getting used to the humidity difference, almost every appointment has fallen through since ive gotten here, we had to get a zone plan prepared for July, and then I got some stomache problems on Friday and am just now feeling better.

Elder Fernandez is great, he has 6 more weeks than I do on the mission so we have almost the same amount of time. I met him almost a year ago when we were serving in Zone Valles and he seemed really quiet and not very fun but he has changed alot and now he talks alot and is alot more outgoing. We will be a good team to help Zona Chairel.

This area is simialer to my other areas in Tampico, but now I am finally far enough away from the Petroleum processing plant that I cant smell it anymore so that makes me really happy. all of my other areas in Tampico were relatively close to the processing plant so they occasionally  smell absolutely terrible (always in my first area becasue it was right next to it).

Umm I havent really been able to get to know the investigators becasue all the appointments fell through, but the people we have taught seem nice. I still really miss the people I was teaching in my last area.

We had a Consejo de Líderes (it used to be called the Concilio which sounded way cooler) meeting on Friday of all the Zone leaders with the assitents and President. We basically just share our plans for the zone for the next month and then there is a time for people to ask questions. Our plan is focusing on helping the missionaries in our zone to work in better unity with the members, helping them to become more converted by developing christlike attributes, and helping them to understand the importance of the committments that we give when we teach, especially the committment to get baptized.

It is very tiring being a zone leader becasue we have to worry alot about our area but then also we need to make plans and do phone calls late at night (to report to the assistants) becasue there isnt time during the day to do everything. It is SUUUPER nice sleeping with air conditioning though, I havent slept this well in a long time.

I am glad that you all enjoyed the wedding reception and I hope that you save me some pie.

con amor,

Elder Johns

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