Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Weeks are Rolling like Days

The twin daughters of Nayla

Evolution of man...

tacos del TROMPO

Wow the weeks are just rolling by like days now, I hope this isnt a wont be a trend for the rest of my life or I will super old really soon.
I really dont have much time becasue we need to go and do our studies. We went to a super cool musuem about stars and planets and stuff. We got Presidents permission to change our pday to tesday so that we could go and it was suuuuper awesome. I learned a ton about astronomy in my senior year of highschool but I kinda never thought about it agian afterwards. going through th emusuem reminded me of just how cool stars and galaxy formations and stuff like that is. It really is amazing all that our Heavenly Father has made for us and the power that he has.
After we went and ate some tacos del trompo (my favorite mexican food) and it was super good. Some places arent good to eat at but if it looks safe then it usually is. opening up food stands infront of houses is pretty usual here, I am thinking about taking that tradition to teh states but the governemnt will probably take me out.
On wednesday I had a division with the one of the zone leaders, Elder Rodas, which was fun. unfortunately Rosario and jorge ran into another problem with obtaining the divorce paper so we had to put off their baptism date again. They were getting kinda frusterated and kinds started to go off track but we had a good lesson with them and they are committed again. WE NEED TO GET THEM MARRIED ALREADY! It will happen, they are for sure going to be very faithful members after their baptism
Nayla prayed about the book of mormon and said she knows its true because right after she prayed, a couple stopped by to buy some food to eat and then they started talking and the man testified to her that he knows the church is true. She is progressing really well but she dlept in and didnt go to church on Sunday so we might wait a litttle more just to make sure she is really ready.
Thanks for sending the package! I am sure that it will come this time. I just got a letter from Joav and it was good to hear that he is doing fine and enjoying the mission. aw man, I am sad I wont be there at the wedding. If you could make a paper cut out of my head or something like that to be there that would be awesome, serisously.

I did get the email from Kaitlyn, That is soooo awesome! I am really excited for her! I am running out of time so I will make sure to write here a really good letter next week!
I love you all,
Elder Johns

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