Tuesday, May 1, 2012

La Cucaracha

The condition of our kitchen table when I arrived. I can now say that it is currently trashless. 

A visitor we had a few nights ago.

my comp and I

Hey hey hey!

I feel alot more used to this place, it doesnt feel so foreign anymore. My Spanish has been improving. We found a new investigator named Mari Lu and she seems to be really interested.

This past week was pretty tough. we started off with 5 baptismal dates but now two of them aren't interested and dont want to meet with us. in order for Susana and Pedro to get married they have to both do a physical analysis and submit some paper work 8 days before they can have their wedding. We got them to agree to a plan that would allow them to get married before the 12th of may so that Karen and Pedro could accomplish their goal of getting baptized on the 12th, but then they said they didn't have enogh money (it costs about 900 Pesos which is less than $80 us). We found out about a program in the church tha can help them pay for it so they only have to pay about 300 pesos but now Susana made up an excuse that she doesn't want to miss work to do the physical analysis. Its all been a little frusterating but I know if we keep working with them we can help them to overcome these challenges.

Sounds like you all had a pretty great week. Thanks for sending me the list of all the missionaries who are serving or who have calls in our stake. Would it be possible to find Dylan Parry and Derek Lambert's mission mailing addresses? As for Mothers Day, my companion told me that it is the 10th, which isnt a Sunday so i hope that doesnt cause problems. He told me that I am going to call from the church, hang up, and that you are supposed to call me back and then we can talk. We can talk for 30 to 40 minutes and we cant use skype. We dont know what time we will do it yet, but if you need me to do it around 8pm here so that Dad can be there after work then we can probably do that.
I love you all and i like to hear how you are all doing each week.

con amor,

Elder Johns

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