Monday, April 23, 2012

Week 2 in Tampico

Buenas Tardes Familia!

Pues, it was been quite the week in Mexico. We did exchanges and I got to hang out with the District Leader, Elder De Ita, for a day in his area. He doesn't speak English either so we had a great old dandy time, Elder De Ita's companion is my old MTC companion, Elder Girot. Elder Anderson came to the mission and all the missionaries in the mission got to shake his hand and listen to him speak. He spoke in Spanish so that was pretty cool. They told us its been like 15 years since an Apostle has visited the mission so I felt pretty lucky.

After the exchange, Elder Rodriguez and I taught a couple that we had a return appointment with because they didn't have time the first time. We taught them the first lesson and it went great, and then I committed them to be baptized and they said yes!! They weren't home when we returned for the next appointment, but hopefully we will see them again soon. Unfortunately the two dates we already had are now postponed indefinately. Susana said she doesn't want to get married until after the 28th because that is when she is quitting her job so we can't baptize Pedro until after he is married and Karen said she isn't totally sure she wants to get baptized yet. We had been trying to work on Susana (Pedro's "wife") to help her read the Book of Mormon but at first she never really responded and was working during many of the lessons we had with Pedro and Karen. But now she seems to be warming up to it alot more as she sees how happy the church is making Pedro and Karen. She smiles alot more and she even said the closing prayer for the first time a couple days ago! We are positive that with time we will be able to help them overcome these challenges.

I also got to havfe an interview with President Call this week. He is quite awesome and really helped me to think positively.

We eat with members everyday at 2pm except monday because that is our Pday. They have their big meal of the day at 2 and then a light dinner at about 9. The food is all pretty good and not healthy at all. I bought some broccli and a bunch of fruit at the store today to help balance my diet. My comp and I wake up at 6 sometimes to go for a nice run. We wash our own clothes in a washing machine and then hang them up to dry outside. Our apartment is rented from a member whose family lives below us. My collars are getting a little nasty so I bought some good soap and my comp is going to show me how to get it whiter. The mangos here are DELICOUS and they are super cheap. I just bought 4 of them for only like 20 pesos (less than 2 dollars).

I hope Mom's toe doesn't hurt too bad. If you want, I could ask some of the locals here and they could tell me a household remedy for fractured toes. It seems like everyone is doing well. Thats cool that Claire got married and Andrea got engaged. Sounds like Anna Gee is next. Thanks for letting me know where Zander is headed for his mission, do you know if Aldin Pope has recieved a mission call?

Haha I don't really know what to ask for to put in the package if you can't fit pizza pringles (I still haven't found any here) so just go ahead and suprise me!

I gotta go, its wierd that I have already been here in Mexico for over half a month already! I love you all and I hope you all have a great week!

con amor,

Elder Tanner Johns

P.S. could you send me Dylan Parry's and Derek Lamberts mailing addresses? thanks!

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