Tuesday, May 15, 2012

After a Month in Mexico

Buenas Tardes,
This week was great. Pedro and Susana didn't make it to the analysis last week, but they should be going today which means they can get married next week and then Karen and Pedro can get baptized on the 19th! We also found a new investigator on Tuesday and we gave her a portion of it to read and pray about. On friday when we came back she said that she read it and prayed about it and that she feels good about it. She seems really interested and she even came to church where we found she already knows some members. She has a baptisimal date for the 19th of May as well.
This past week was really hot and its going to get even hotter over the next couple months. I got a haircut today so it feels a little cooler. I have been in Mexico for a month and in some ways it feels like I have been here for a year and in some ways it feels like I just got here. As I'm getting into the swing of things down here time seems to go by a little faster. Spanish is becoming less and less of a problem. I am trying to think more and more in Spanish and I am going to start reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish this week.
I dont have my camera with me right now but I will make sure to bring it next week so that I can upload some pictures for you guys.
Thats crazy that Mom is the Relief Society President, I know that she can do it well. I'll keep her in my prayers. From my experience, when the Lord gives you a calling you can always do it if you really on him. I am excited to call you guys this Thursday 8pm here and 6pm for you guys. I will try the home phone first. And thanks for sending me those mailing addresses!
Love y'all and I'll talk to you on Thursday!
con amor,
Elder Johns

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