Tuesday, May 15, 2012


It was so great to get to talk to all of you last week! I really enjoyed being able to hear your voices and getting to the chance to talk in English!
This past week was buenisimo! We were able to finally get all the papers submitted and everything for Pedro and Susana´s wedding so they will be getting married on Thursday, and then Karen and Pedro want to get baptized later that day. Karen was having some doubts before about if she felt ready but we talked for a while and went over the baptisimal interview questions with her and that seemed to help. Also, we have been teaching a girl named Orquidea for about two weeks and she is going to get baptized this Saturday! We had the District Leader come to our area and do the interviews (the District Leader does the baptisimal interviews) with Pedro, Karen, and Orquidea and they all went well. I am really excited for them! We dont have any dates set with our other investigators so we are going to work hard with them this week to get a date set for them to work and prepare themselves for.
Pedro, Susana, and Karen have a dog named Roco, and for the past week he would always follow us after we taught them to our other appointments. But on Thursday, he was in the street and a taxi ran into him. It screeched to a halt and he was stuck under it as it was stopping. When the taxi stopped he got out from under it and ran away really fast. We were really worried about how he was doing, but the next time we went to teach Pedro and Karen, he was fine! It was a miracle because the Taxi was going pretty darn fast and they are pretty low to the ground but somehow he went under it after it hit him (hes a fairly big sized dog) and missed the wheels and only got a scrape or two. We thought he would never want to follow us again after that, but he tried to again so Pedro tied him up haha.
One family we are teaching has a son named Richard who is just starting to learn guitar and he likes it alot. He let me play his guitar and I was reeeeeaaalllly excited to, but the strings were way out of tune and he didn´t have a tuner. The family, Barron is their last name, is pretty great. we have only taught them twice so far but they get they´re family of 4 together when we come to teach which is kind of nice. After the last time, they seemed really interested in reading the Book of Mormon.
So this next week we have a wedding and 2 baptisms planned for Thursday, and a baptism planned for Saturday! We also have Zone Conference on Wednesday so this is going to be a great week!
Happy Birthday to Dad, Kaitlyn, and Kelsey! I hope Dad has a great birthday today and Kaitlyn and Kelsey have a great birthday on Saturday! It sounds like Mom had a great Mother´s Day yesterday.
I have a question and a request: did you ever recieve an envelope with letters from the MTC and letters I wanted you to hand to a couple of my friends(question mark(the button doesn´t work)). I believe I mentioned it to either Mom or Dad and also that there was some letters for a few of my friends. And please could you send the email addresses of Colin, Kaitlyn, and Kelsey so I can email them(question mark).
I love you all and I was so happy to hear your voices last week! Until next time!
con amor
Elder Johns
p.s. we are at a new internet cafe place and it does not appear as though I can plug in my camera because of the setup, but I will try and figure it out and send the pics in another email. If I cant figure it out then you´ll get tons of pictures next week.

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