Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I have added one new smell to my book of smells I don't really like smelling.


Pedro and Karen with Susana and family


Elder Girot!

scraping paint

A beautiful lagoon in our area. People keep telling me there are crocodiles but I still havent seen any. 

A beautiful lake of sewage water

Hey family!
Sorry that this one is a few days late! In our District Meeting last week we decided to go to the temple as a zone for this week. The temple is closed on Mondays, so the President has us change our P-day to Wednesday for the week when we want to go to the temple. It was my first time doing it in Spanish so that was interesting. I really enjoyed it and the Spirit was strong.
Last week started off kinda rough, I think I ate something that upset my stomach (I am pretty sure it was a mango a member gave me) so I had some stomach problems and wasnt feeling very good Tuesday and Wednesday. And it just so happens that tons of different people gaves us tooooons of mangos, but I havent eaten any of them. I need a little break from mangos.
I dont know if I have mentioned it yet or not, but Elder Girot, my companion from the MTC, is in my District and is companions with the District Leader. Every exchange, the District Leader does a companion exchange with each companionship in his District, and this time he sent Elder Girot to my area and my companion went with the District Leader to his area. It felt good again to be with Elder Girot! It was just like old times, except it wasnt the MTC, it was the real thing. It was a little tough because neither one of us are fluent in Spanish yet and we didnt have any appointments so we contacted all day. I enjoyed getting some time to spend with Elder Girot, hes a really nice guy and we have become pretty good friends over the past couple months.
We have a new Elder in our zone named Elder Skiles. He lives just an hour north of Seattle and I think he is the only other missionary from Washington in our mission. He has one more exchange than me. We have fun talking about how awesome Washington is when our zone gets together before District meeting.
On Saturday morning we did some service for a member Sister. She is repainting the inside of her house so we were there for a couple hours in the morning scraping the paint off the walls. It was kinda tough because some areas the paint just wouldnt scrape off very well but we got a lot done. We returned on Monday morning to help her do some of the actual painting, and because I am so tall (I am pretty tall compared to the people here) I got to paint to roof in the bathroom. Luckly i was painting with a mixture of this concrete colour powder and water (im not really sure what exactly it was) because it dripped all over me. The sister said that it should come out of my clothes in the wash.
I am not really sure why, but this past week the sewage water that is usually beneath the streets has been deciding to be above the streets. I have added one new smell to my book of smells I dont really like smelling. Its not just in one place either, wherever there is a manhole cover the water is seeping up from beneath and flooding the street its on. I am sending a picture of one of these little lakes but its at night so I dont know if you can see how big it is.
It doesnt really feel like its getting much hotter to me but people are saying that it is getting hotter around here. Some people have also been saying stuff about how there are going to be solar flares that are supposed to make it even hotter here, and consequently also destroy all the satelites as well. We dont have any investigators with baptismal dates, and we arent really working with any golden investigators right now, so I guess we kinda did baptize all our investigators. We have been doing a lot more contacting but alot of our appointments fall through. It doesnt really bother me because I know that there are people who are prepared by the Lord and are ready, we just need to find them. Thanks for the information about the new Mission President. I havent heard anything about him yet. He seems like a pretty capable guy, I cant wait to meet him. President and sister Call only have about a month or less left.
Kaitlyn and Kelsey's party sounds pretty fun and that is really awesome that Ryan is having a lot of success.
but I am all out of time. I loaded some pictures on another email of the Baptisms and other stuff. I love you all and I cant wait to here again from you on Monday!(my next p-day will be monday again)
con amor,
Elder Johns

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