Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Finally made it to Tampico!

Tanner called us fromthe Dallas airport on Tuesday to tell us that they had arrived at the airport despite a raging storm only to be told that the airport was closed and to go to the basement for safety. There were more than 12 tornadoes that touched down in the area that day. Several planes were damaged by hail and his flight to Tampico was cancelled. He was unable to get another flight out until Friday so he spent several days with the 1st Councilor to the Dallas Mission President. He called us on Friday morning from the airport to let us know that he was finally flying to Tampico and we received the following email from him on Saturday:
Hey Family!

I am in Tampico Mexico! Our flight got in last night and we slept in the mission home last night. They gave me a second to send a quick email to y'all to let you know that I made it here safely. It was pretty interesting trying to find our connecting flight to Tampico from Monterrey. I haven't seen a whole lot of Mexico yet, but what I have seen is cool. Because the transfer meeting isn't until tuesday, the President is going to put us with other companionships to make triplets because he doesn't want to split up companions for the baptisms that they will have today. Also 8 more Elders from the MTC are supposed to come Monday night so they want us all to start our training on the same day. That means that I won't be getting my trainer or my official trainer until Tuesday but  I will get a good taste of Mexico before then.

I feel pretty great now that I am finally here in Mexico. I am nervous about accidentally eating something that will make me sick but I know that I will be ok. I'm excited for when I can understand people. I love you all and I will email again when I have my P-day, but I am not sure exactly when it is. I assume it is still Monday but I am not sure.

con amor,

Elder Johns

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