Monday, April 15, 2013

Nos Vemos!

Buen día,

It was a good week, we had a lot of success in being able to teach a lot of lessons, and we even had 5 investigators in church on sunday which was AWESOME.

Rosario, Jorge, and Mari are progressing really well. Jorge still needs to ask Rosario to get married but we dont want to put too much pressure seeing as how it is their business and not ours. They always want to give us delicious food after every appointment and get upset when we dont have time. I reeeeeaaally love going over there to teach them and their other family members because everyone listens so well and they love learing about the gospel.

Vicente also came to church which is good progress. He said that he rpayed about the BOM and sayed he felt good about it. He started out being really sarcastic about everything but now he seems to  be changing and taking it all a little more seriously.

We are teaching alot of less active members and not all of them came to church which was kinda lame, but they will after we help them a little bit more.

Tomorrow we are going to have a zone conference and I am excited to see PResident and Sister Jordan again. 

Sounds like you all had a good time in Utah during Spring Break. It is so wierd to think that during this week as I was teaching and doing all this missionary stuff that you guys were all doing stuff at the same time but way far away. Sometimes it feels like everything should be on pause back home and that when I come back you should all still be sitting on the couch like when I was set apart. 
ahh  the conmputer is kicking me off, nos vemos!

Elder Johns

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