Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A day late because of the zoo


Sorry for writing a day late, Elder Girot got permission from President to change our P-day to today so that we could go to the zoo this morning. The zoo was pretty cool, it was fun to see all the animals and do something different. We went as a district so I got to go with Elder Girot. The coolest thing we got to see was  tiger. The bears were fun to see as well becasue they were really active and playing around with each other and fighting.

The zone conference we had was good, we talked alot about setting goals and then making plans to accomplish those goals. It was fun to get to see President and Sister Jordan. Things have been pretty crazy in the offices these past couple weeks and Elder Allen (the new secretary) has been calling me like every other day so that I can help him figure out what to do. Glad I am not there to have to deal with it haha!

This past week was just a blur, we taught alot of people and walked alot. We had the baptisimal interviews for Rosario and Mari last week to help Rosario to realize that she and Jorge need to get married here pretty soon. They should be getting married in a week or two. 

There were 133 people in the sacrament meeting today which is the most members I have ever had in a normal sacrament meeting. The week before we had 103 people. Rosario, Jorge, and Vicente came which was good, but Mari didnt come. We dont know waht her reason was for not going but we are hoping that it is legit because she might not be able to get baptized on her baptisimal date becasue you need to go 4 times in a row and now there are only 3 more sundays before the baptisimal date, and the other elders who were here before us didnt leave good enough records to be able to tell if she has been 4 times in a row to church before we came.

We also had to change the baptisimal dates of Mari, Rosario, and Jorge to teh 18th of may because there is a temple trip the saturday and so there wont be any members here to go to the baptism.

I have had alot of trouble getting good uninterrupted sleep lately and it is starting to take its toll a little bit. I am pretty sure that I have a sleeping disorder because I dont think I have ever slept a whole night through without waking up at least once. Sometimes I will roll ontop of my arm and cut off the circulation until I wake up and can barely move it. I dont know if that is a serious problem. The Lord has been really blessing me to not die from exhaustion but I feel like I would probably have more energy if I had better sleep. Mom, you would be proud of me for all of the fruits and vegetables I have been eating. I have really gotten into eating Jicima.

Hey we have to run to our district meeting now so I will see yall in a week!

Elder Johns

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