Thursday, February 2, 2012

Groundhog Day

Hey !

This past week was fantastic and now I only have less than a month until I go to Mexico! Last week a District that was good friends with ours left for their mission areas. The night before they left at dinner, we all decided to eat an entire dispenser of Marshmellow Maties (same thing as Lucky Charms) before they had time to refill it. It ended up being like 57 bowls and there were about 20 of us, we all had sugar rushes and crashed soon afterwards.

Apparently it was the 50th anniversary of the MTC not too long ago, and they had a special Tuesday Devotional for it. There were rumors that someone big was going to be speaking so some of the Elders in my District and I got on the choir to ensure that we would have seats in the gym. So many people showed up to be in the choir that they had to turn a ton of people away because they can only fit so many people on the bleachers. Elder Nielson and Elder Holland ended up coming to speak that night and it was great to get to sing for them and to hear them talk. Elder Holland talked about how we need to honor our obligations as missionaries and Elder Nielson talked about some of the first missionaries of the church.

I am not the District Leader of our District anymore because they want more people to get some leadership experience before leaving the MTC. It feels wierd not having to worry about being a District Leader, but its also nice to have a break from the responsibility. I don't think I have told you all about Speak Your Language (SYL) days yet. We decide before the week starts which days are going to be SYL days and we only talk in Spanish on those days. At first it was hard when we started doing it about 3 weeks ago, but now it is kind of fun to not be able to use any English. It really helps you to see what you need more work on and it will get us used to speaking it all the time when we leave for our missions.

I am feeling alot better this week, my sleep has been improving alot and its really helping me to feel better during the day. I didn't have any sleeping problems before I got here, I guess my circadian rythem is still just having a hard time adjusting to a 10:30pm bedtime instead of 1:30am. I haven't heard anythign about my Visa yet, I keep forgetting to ask at the Travel Office.I am sorry to hear about Deputy Chapin, he was an a great guy. He came to one of my classes once in 11th grade and we got to ask him anything about Cops and tickets and stuff, it was very interesting and informative.

I am glad to hear that the S2 basketball team is still going strong and that Colin made a basket. I had a lot of fun when I played on the basketball team last year. I haven't really used my winter coat, it has been cold but my suitcoat is warm enough and the winter coat is too warm with the lining in. That is awesome that Kelsey did well with her song, I wish I could have heard it.

If you could send some Tylenol PM and possibly some Jolly ranchers with that package I would be quite thrilled and very thankful. Also, could you send a copy of my Line of Authority and a copy of my Mission Call letter? My mission call letter should be in the box that I put my jacket in.

Thank you all for your love and your support! It would be so hard to do this on my own. I love you all and I will keep you in my prayers!

Con amor,

Elder Johns

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