Monday, October 14, 2013

I hope you are all loving life!

Hello familia and amigos,

This week was fairly different. On wednesday we had a round table meeting. round tables are like zone conferences but everyone particiaptes more in giving ideas and answering questions. It was pretty good. we learned about how to teach with more power and how we ourselves are the best visual disply that we have as we teach about the gospel, so basically we need to live what we teach. I enjoyed it and it was nice because I didnt have to prepare th district meeting.

On thursday we were supposed to have a trainer/new missionary training meeting, but when we got there President Jordan announced to us that the night before a missionary passed away. He talked alot about the plan of salvation and gave some time for people who were from his district in the MTC to say some stuff about him. It was really sad, alot of people were crying. I never met him but I am sad that it happened and I hope that his family is ok. We arent really supposed to talk about it or what happened with other people in detail but you can probably read more about it on the website of church news.

On saturday I had a baptisimal interview with Rosalda again. This time she was really ready and was really happy that she was passed! It feels wierd to interview someone, I have always been the one being interviewed so it is strange to be the one doing the interviewing.

We got to know more less active members but alot of appointments fell through and we didnt see alot of people this week.

Ill tlak to pres about signing up for classes, I am fairly certain he will let me especially because it is on a P-day.

thats awesome about Kaitlyn! I hope she gets her mish call right away because I wann know how long I´l have to help her get ready before she leaves. when did she put the avaible date? I hope moms hand gets better, I will be praying for her.

I love you all alot and I hope you are all loving life!

con amor,

Elder Johns

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