Monday, October 21, 2013

FINALLY moved into our own apartment!

Querida familia Jones (everyone pronounces my name as if it where Jones and they dont hear the difference between Johns and Jones),

Hey hey hey! I still havent recieved my itinerary, but I am certain that I will be headed home on the 9th of December, the secretary to the president should already have my itinerary but he hasnt sent it. sometimes there are minor changes in the itineraries that occur in the months leading up to the departure so maybe he hasnt sent it out yet because he wants to make sure that there arent any changes. Ill call him in the week and ask him to send it to me so that i can send you a copy next week.

I forgot to comment last week on the pathway that Dad made by the hot tub, it looks awesome, I cant wait to walk on it when I get back.

We have been finding almost no new investigators in this area so we have focused on visiting more active members to teach them a lesson and get them more involved in missinoary work. We have had pretty good success doing this and have been able to recieve more referalls that we should be contacting this week.

our investigator Jose came to church yesterday!!! It was his first time and he seemed to really enjoy it. He should start working again though this week and that could be a problem because it will be difficult gfor him to get work off on Sundays. 

Oh I forgot to mention that we FINALLY moved into our own apartment!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were sharing that tiny apartment with the assistants for a whole month! we didnt have desks or like any personal space so now our apartment feels like a mansion. It has 2 rooms, an entrance room, big bathroom (a little smaller than normal american bathrooms), and a open air room behind to hang cloths to dry and my hammock! I feel so free. It has a tooon of windows too that make the apartment very cool and not stifling hot. also our beds, refri, microwave, washer, and everything are brand spanking new!

I researched some classes today but I really dunno if the ones I selected are good or not. here are the ones I chose:

Engl 312 persuasive writing
Psych 111 Psychological science
Rel A 211 The New Testament
Rel C 351 World Religions
SFL 223 preparation for marriage
Span 321 3rd year spanish read, gram, and culture

They are a total of 16.0 hours. If you have any suggestions then please let me know. I also feel interested in doing honors but i am not exactly sure what that entails or if I should and I dont really have time to research about that so please tell me what you think about taking classes at honors level.

I gottta go now but it was great to hear about all that has been going on this week!

con amor,
Elder Johns

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