Monday, July 8, 2013

The Streets are Rivers

It flooded that bad in less than 20 minutes. we got trapped on the block so we ended up having to walk through it.

¡Buen día!

This week was a little better, my stomach was still bothering me but I took some medicine and now it hasnt been hurting. Still alot of people forgot about the appointments and werent there but we also had pretty good success. We have two solid investigators; Claudio and Marí. Claudio is the friend of a recent convert and is only 19 years old but he likes going to church and the activities. He likes it more for the social part so we need to help him to convert himself spiritualy to the church.

Marí is only 9, but her less active mom has been coming to church regularily now so we have started to teach marí so that she can get baptized.

Yesterday we found 2 new investigators that were taught by some missionaries over a year ago. They didnt progress in that time because they had a financial crisis and had to work literally 24/7 to keep the family going. Now things arent so tight but they still work on sunday. They sell tacos and tamales so they are their own bosses so they could choose not to work sundays. We are going to see what we can do with them.

For the 4th of July I ate some hotdogs and a bag of doritos! I bought them at the store HEB on MOnday so that I could heat them up in the microwave and eat. they were tasty.

I did an exchange with an Elder in the zone and it was alright, I part I dont like about being a zone leader is having to worry so much about making sure the missionaries are doing what they are supposed to do and not waste time or break the mission rules.

sorry I kinda let time pass and now I have to get off the computer, ideas for my birthday package: Teeth whitening strips, and thats all that comes to mind. some candy would be nice as well, I really miss good chocolate.

I luv yáll,

con amor,
Elder Johns

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