Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Quadalupe's Baptism!

Baptism of Guadalupe! She is with her daughter, Abril.

Los Micos
Grilling some hamburguesas!

Amados hermanos míos,
This past week went by soooooooo fast. It was a great week because we had Guadalupe´s baptism on Saturday! It was great. Her daughter, Abril, was really excited about it too and wanted to get baptized but she doesnt turn 8 until this next June. I got to perform the ordinance and it felt really good. The water was a little cold though because there wasnt enough gas to get the water heater to work in the morning when we filled it up. Guadalupe was really excited to get baptized and afterwards we went to dominos to eat a little pizza. I´ll attach a photo so you guys can finally see what Guadalupe and Abril look like.
This week was really slow as far as finding new people goes, but we´ll find some people this week. Since Saturday the weather has drastically changed to cloudy and cold. It feels only slightly warmer than Washington during the summertime when it is cloudy and rainy. It feels really wierd to have cooler temperature, I was getting used to a never ending summer.
Today for our P-day, we went to some waterfalls called Los Micos and it was a lot of fun. We had to get permision from the Preisdent, but he said we could do it if we all did it as a Zone and not invite members or investigators. It was a lot of fun, the bus was only $11 pesos to get there and we all pitched in $40 pesos for food. We got a grill and made some hamburgers, they were pretty good. Los Micos was really pretty and the water looked so refreshing but we arent supposed to swim. It was really fun to hang out with the other Elders in my Zone. We have a really good zone. It was also really fun to do something different for once.

For Halloween this Wednesday, I think I´ll take your advice and be a Mormon Missionary. They get the most candy. Thats cool that Kaitlyn got to see Kelsey this weekend. I hope Brooklyn´s wedding goes well today. I bet the Utah symphony was awesome. Im really missing my classical music. I had a dream a few days ago that I had been sent home from the mission for health reasons when I only had 11 months. I was really sad about being home and I was really missing the mission. I hope that doesnt happen. In our ward, an Elder just came home the week before last because of health problems. He is really awesome and he really misses his mission. He already served for 20 months so their not going to let him go back out when hes recovered.
I cant think of much to say and I dont have any more time so I am going to leave it at that. This is week 6 so transfers will be in a week. I think that I will probably get transfered, but I would really like to stay in this area one more transfer with my companion. He is really awesome and we work well together. I hope you all have a great halloween and that you dont get any cavities!
con amor,
Elder Johns

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