Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Agua de Coco, Horchata, and a Tithing Pamphlet

Dearest family and friends,
This week went be really fast and really slowly at the same time. I got a nasty cold on Tuesday and its always the worst to get sick because it makes everything a lot harder.
We had a really good lesson with Guadelupe in the beginning of the week. She really enjoyed conference and she was excited about her baptism. We stil need to teach her a couple things so we moved her baptisimal date until the 27 of October. I promised her that I would bring her some of my agua de limón and she said she would get me a coconut because I still hadn´t eaten a cocnut since I came here to Mexico (They are really cheap here). She really liked my water in the next appointment and the coconut she gave me was really good. I made it into agua de coco haha. We left her a pamphlet that talks about tithing to read before our next appointment. That turned out to be not such a good idea. She read the pamphlet and didnt show up to church and when we passsed by for her appointment she expressed that she doesnt know if she can pay tithing (money is pretty tight for her and her family) and we taught and testified a lot. She said she doesnt know if she wants to get baptized anymore so we left a good chapter in the Book of Mormon for her to read and told her to pray about everything. She is a little frusterated becasue there are so many commandments. I am feeling a little stressed out about this.
I made Horchata this week! It was fairly tasty. I also made some agua de jamaica. Have you ever heard of jamaica before? It is a flower that they boil in water here and it makes really tasty water. it is simialer to cranberry juice becasue it cleans you out but it tastes different. I hope I can find jamaica in the states becasue I really like how it tastes.
We had a "round table" meeting with President Jordan and his assistents this week. It was pretty great and I learned a lot about how I can help the people we teach to understand the importnace of doing the committments.
My companion Elder Beltran is from Sonora Mexico. He completed one year in the mission a week and a half ago and he is  great. He knows alot of funny jokes and hes fun to be around. He started listening to the missionaries when he was 16 and then he and his mom were baptized. He is now 21 years old. His accent is a little strange, and its kinda funny to notice that my accent is changing to be more like his since we are together all of the time. This is his first exchange as a district leader and he is doing a good job.
Thats about all I can think of to type. Dad was pretty lucky to get out of having to be at teh case doing jury duty for so long. How old do you have to be before you can do jury duty? Ill have to remember to be really technical if I ever get summoned. Colins birthday party sounds like it was great. Is he going to get his first license soon or go on his first date? Minecraft is pretty fun, I played it a little bit when I was going to college. I dont think there are seasons here. I have noticed that it has gotten slightly cooler, but that doesnt maek much of a difference when it is still super hot. I guess the only thing I have noticed as far as the passage of seasons is that they have stopped selling mangos :( but that just means that I can save up my money until mango season and eat pure mangos until the season ends again. I got the Halloween package this week when the president came for the round table thing! thanks sooooo much! I love chocolate and american candy. They dont really have alot of chocolate here and the candy isnt very good. I will think of some ideas for the christmas package. I usually dont spend any of my personal money. I havent needed to use personal money to buy food or anything. I have only used it for buying weights, speakers, and I htink thats it.
I love yall and have a great week!
con amore,
Elder Johns

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