Thursday, October 4, 2012

¡Soy Mexicano!

 ¡Soy Mexicano!

There were tons of people at the stake event for Sep. 15th!
Hey Hey Hey!

This week flew by really fast! It is hard to believe that it is already the last week of the transfer, I feel like I just left my first area not that long ago, but ive already been here for 5 weeks!

In our last District meeting I planned and directed it and it was kinda fun. We practiced How to Start Teaching. It reminded me a little bit of the MTC because I had to plan our District Meetings when I was the District Leader.

We were passing by where Dulce lives early this week and there she was! It turns out thatshe wasnt able to get enough money to make the trip and so she is going to be staying her indefinately until she figures out what she is going to do. It is a little sad because it means she wasnt able to get her pension,but it also means that we have the opportunity to keep teaching her. She is progressing but fairly slowly. We set the date of her baptism for the 22nd of September, but she still isnt at the point where she is really converted and keeps making small excuses. She is really great and I am sure that as we can help her to grow her faith in Jesus Christ she will be more ready.

We did exchanges this week which is when the District Leader does a swap with one of us. He came here to our area and Elder Soto, my companion, went to the District Leaders area. It was kinda fun to be with the District Leader in my area because I got to be more in charge and it was a good test to see if I really knew the area or not. afterwards we got together and went to a nice taco stand and I ate the most delicious taco, and it was only $14!!! I had to get two.

The 15th of September is Mexican Independance day which is alot like our 4th of July. The ward had a large stake activity on Friday night with dancing and singing and alot of foodto celeberate. Tamales are pretty popular here. A tamale is like a little burrito but you make it by putting corn stuff around whatever type of tamale you want to make (you can put vegetables, different meats, and chiles) and you fold it in a corn husk or in a banana leaf and heat it up for a long time. They are fairly good, but it depends alot on what type it is. But yeah there were tons of people and Guadelupe came! It was really great to see her there becasue it was a really good atmosphere for her to get to know some of the members better. Then on Saturday, the actual 15th of September, we had to return to our apartment at 7:30 because aparrently there is a lot of drinking that goes on. To celebrate, the people do lots of partys and we heard about a fireworks show somewhere. and at 11:00 everyone was supposed to shout ¡Viva Mexico! We went to bed at 10:30, but the fireworks in the distance woke me up at 11 so I did a little Mexican shout, but not loud enough to wake up my companion.

It has been an interesting week. We still havent been seeing alot of progression with our investigators. They are progressing but very slowly. My companion has been having a really hard time this past week as well. He is really feeling stressed out that we havent been having a ton of success with our investigators and he has been here for almost 4.5 months and he is ready to leave. If you could maybe mention him in your prayers tonight that he will be able to feel a little happier it would be much appreciated.

Sounds like Abby had a splendid birthday! That MOD pizza place sounds pretty delicious. I am also glad that Kelsey is enjoying college but she didnt reply to my email so hopefully she will soon. Is Kaitlyn getting my emails? I have been sending some to her but she doesnt respond so I dont know if they are appearing in her junk or if she just never checks (I have been sending them to kaitlynjohns(at)

That is so awesome that you guys are getting involved in la obra misional! (missionary work)
Members have a really important role in helping investigators feel welcome in the church and become a part of the social aspect of the church so that they can have  help reamining active after baptism.

Well this is the last week of the exchange which is always the most difficult. I hope you all have a wonderful week and that you are all reading your scriptures!

con amor,

Elder Johns

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