Thursday, October 4, 2012

Another fast week!

Elder Johns and Elder Girot

¡Hola familia!
Hey! its been another really fast weeek! This week was nuts! We had exchanges with the District leader and teh Zone LEader. I got to be on ANOTHER exchange wiht Elder Girot because he is currently the ZL's comp. Elder Girot is my comp from the MTC that I was a little worried about, and it is always fun to go on exchanges with him becasue I can see how much he is growing. He is a lot stronger than I thought from the MTC. I also got to go on  an exchange with Elder Olsen, he only has about 4 months in the mission so his Spanish isnt the best, but he really knows how to teach. Being with himn reminded me alot of how I used to be when I had just left the MTC, I really have grown and learned a lot, but I still need to learn and grow alot.
Guadelupe is really progressing well! she really likes the Plan of Salvation and how she can be withher family for the eternitys. She committed to be baptized on teh 13th of OCT and I am really excited. She even cried a little when she was saying the closing prayer. Dulce is progressing, but slowly. She knows the church is true but she just has a fear that she cant describe concerning getting baptized.  We will figure it out here soon.
Pres also said to me that he was going to have me train this new exchange, but because there were problems with visas, not all of the new missionaries came so he ended up not having me train. When he told me that I was shocked. I dont feel ready to train haha! That would have been nuts if I had been a trainer this next exchange. I guess we will see what will happen.
Sorry this letter is badly typed and a little messy, I dont ahve alot of time and I am writing really fast.  Sounds like it was a fun bikeride! I remember that tunnel, it was really creepy and it felt really wierd to be in it becasue it was so dark. happy anniversary mom and dad!
I love you alll alot and I hope you have a great week!

con amor,
Elder Johns

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