Monday, June 11, 2012

Hard Week.

Hey family,

This past week was hard. An investigator needs to attend 2 sacrament meetings before they can be baptized. We committed Salvador to be baptized on the 23rd but he didnt come to church so we wont be able to batize him. We also found another investigator, Karina, who has been really good. We also committed her to the 23rd but she didnt come to church either which means that we arent going to have any baptisms this cambio(cambio means change and it refers to the period of 6 weeks) because the cambio ends on the 24th. We have been having problems with Pedro. Susanah came to church without Pedro, which was awesome because it means that she enjoys how she feels when she goes to church.

I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting yesterday! I spoke for ten minutes about missionary work and I had about that much free time to prepare because they just told me on saturday that I was going to speak. I guess someone cancelled on them. It was a little scary to have to talk in front of so many people in Spanish, but I enjoyed it.

I met someone named Terry this week and he was an active member until he moved here to Mexico. He grew up in Oklahoma and he is about 20 years old. I got to talk to him in English and I taught him in English and it felt so unbelievebly amazing to be able to completely express myself. I am really jealous of English speaking missionaries.

We had a large traingin meeting with all the Elders who arrived in Mexico at the same time as me. It was great to see the other Elders I had gotten to know at the MTC. Things have been pretty tough for them too and it felt really good to have some time to talk with them and swap stories.

I dont really have a lot for this week. The sewer water has almost all receded, the got a water pump machine to pump sewage water into the lagoon so that it is not overflowing in the streets. There are some streets that are still pretty bad but now its not everywhere so thats nice. I love horchata! Im glad Abby enjoyed it. Thats too bad about Uncle Danny, I am sure they will enjoy Las Vegas though. I will keep Uncle Jeff in my prayers. I love you all and I hope you all have an amazing week!!

con amor,

Elder Johns

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