Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Odwalla Superfood!

Hey fam!

Sorry this email is coming a day late, the library was closed yesterday so we had to wait until today to do our emails. This past week was pretty good, I went to my first Zone Conference! It was fun to get to see my old MTC companion and catch up with him. I also really enjoyed hearing President McKee speak as well as the Zone Leaders and Assistants to the President. They talked to us about not being "robot" missionaries and that we should care about the people and not numbers. There is only one Spanish Zone in this mission, so all the Elders really know each other well and are really good friends.

Unfortunatley, my companion got sick last week so we had to stay in all day for a couple days. The other 2 missionaries in our District that we see all the time got pretty sick as well, but I drank some Odwalla Superfood and it kept me healthy. We had a really awesome thunderstorm while my companion was sick. It was raining so hard that cars looked like they were driving through 6 inches of water on the main road so they were all going really slow. Most of the time it has been pretty sunny so I've been getting Tanner.

We still haven't really found anyone who is really interested in learning about the Gospel and reading the Book of Mormon. We have taught quite a few people, but it takes longer here to find people to teach because we have to find Hispanics. There are some key indicators that help us determine if Hispanics are living in a house or not, and I'm starting to get pretty good at it.

I have heard that at least two people who got to the MTC on the 28th of December have recieved their Visas and gone to Mexico, but none who are going to Tampico or are in temporarily assigned to Nashville Tennessee. I really like it here with this ward and these Elders so I hope I get to stay here a little longer.

Elder Stockard wasn't in that picture because he is in a different area of the mission. He is also going to Tampico but he wasn't in my District at the MTC. Elder Stockard was in a District that had a bunch of people going to Tampico, but Elder Girot and I were the only ones in ours because we were in the Intermediate Spanish District. Elder Stockard and I actually opened our calls on the same night and then met each other that night.

The reason we got to go to the temple was because my companion was supposed to go to the temple for his first time in the field, but because he was assigned to be my trainer, I got to go with him.

That is awesome that Colin finished his Drivers Ed classes! How is his driving? and the Snow campout sounds freezing. I wish that I had gone Snow camping and slept in a snow cave. They should have just buried the tent in the snow haha. I hope you enjoy your trip! Let Ryan, Kaitlyn, Kelsey, and Colin know that they can send me an email if they want, that way it will be free and much faster (I am only allowed to email direct family so don't give me email out).

I love you all and will keep you in my prayers!

con amor,

Elder Johns

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