Monday, September 23, 2013

Living the Law of Consecration


Things are still pretty crazy here in barrio Madero (barrio means ward). We still dont have an apartment! but it is underway so all is good. We have been staying in the assistants house for about a week now and we have been living the law of consecration as far as food goes. On wednesday after writing you guys we started looking for an apartment, just walking around aimlessly and asking random people if they knew where anyone was renting an apartment. We got some leads but it all ended up in nothing. We decided to say a little prayer asking for help and to be able to find the correct people to talk to and afterwards continued to wander aimlessly, but this time with more faith. After a little bit, we found ourself on the 5th story of an apartment complex talking to man who knew someone who was renting an apartment on the 2nd floor of another apartment building so he told us where to find her and she later agreed to rent us the apartment. It is in a good location because it is in the center of the area. The only problem has been that she needs to move out some stuff with a truck and she wants to paint the kitchen but she hasnt found someone to do it yet and we dont have a truck so it might be another couple days before we can get in there. We are probably going to find someone in the ward that has a truck. and I think she wants someone professional to paint so we cant really help her with that.

We have also seen numerous other  miracles and tender mercies in our quest to find people to teach. The ward bounderies are pretty small but there are more than 300 members that live in it. about 52 went last sunday so we have some work to get done. The Bishop and the bishopric members are awesome though, the counselours have already accompanied us to visit people. We also have a recent X mission president in our ward from the Mexico Leon Mission. He LOVES missionaries and will be a big help to us.

Elder Girot is in my district again! he was my comp in the MTC and we have been in the same zone numerous times. We have come to be pretty close friends so I am happy that he is here. I also know just about everyone in the zone pretty well so this is going to be a fun change. I am district leader over 11 other missionaries (we have one trio) and it has been fun to call them all every night.

As far as apartments, I really dont know anything about the options. If it would be possible for Ryan to maybe find some options with varying prices/locations that would be helpful for me to be able to make a more solid conclusion. I also have another Elder friend who is asking me about apartment options. ahh I dont like thinking about this. I promise that I will keep working super hard. I have seen the missionaries that lose their edge towards the end and I will not be one of them. I love being a missionary and having this opportunity to serve and to learn.

as for rooming with Derek, when do I have to let you know? I will think about it. he is a cool kid.

I gotta go now, I love you all!

Elder Johns

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